February 26, 2012

Cute Little Teacher Blogs

On this lovely Saturday night, I find myself watching Saturday Night Live and going crazy on Pinterest (if you don't have an account, get one right this second).  I've been searching through teacher blogs and finding some great resources.  I'm addicted, I'll admit.

I have to say this, though - in my exploration, I have come across some of the cutest teacher blogs with adorable graphics, links to preciously decorated worksheets and activities, and new posts several times a week.  While at first this made me feel terribly inadequate as a wanna-be blogger,  my second thought was, "Where in the world do these teachers find time to do this?"  Seriously, as if 130% of my time outside of school wasn't already spent doing things for school.  Then I reminded myself, while I do like to write about what I'm doing in the classroom and share ideas with other teachers, it is much more important to me that my classroom is successful.  Then I didn't feel so bad.  Now I swear I'm not saying that those cute little bloggers don't have amazing classrooms, I'm just saying that I don't have it in me quite yet to be so ambitious.  Maybe one day...

Also, I promise I have been working on a huge post about Challenge Based Learning.  It's in my drafts, really.

Because of #CBLearn, I experienced the best week I've ever had in education last week.  It was wonderful.  I'm still smiling.

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